My Service


Mental wellbeing coaching is about us working together to find solutions to enable you to gain a more positive level of mental wellness. This could involve reiterating strategies which you have used in the past or learning new ones. You may have received support from mental health services or you may never have received support. Mental wellbeing coaching is about learning the skills to build up and maintain your mental wellbeing so is not suitable for individuals who require medical or psychological support. Rather it is intended for people who need a boost to their mental wellbeing and want a bit of support to do this. I use a collaborative approach- it is not about me ‘fixing you’ rather it is about us gaining a greater understanding of what is happening for you at the moment and giving you an opportunity to overcome this and work towards a goal. Although I don’t have the answers I am able to use my skills and experience to guide you to find the answer for yourself- if there is one. Often we look for concrete answers or solutions to our mental wellbeing which not exist and recognising this can be a part of our time together.

What I ask of you is to be open and honest and willing to learn. It is important to realise that there are no quick fixes and often gaining positive mental wellbeing can be a challenge. Whilst we will acknowledge the past in our sessions this will not be our focus rather we will think about the present and what is happening for you now. I am here to support with this challenge. If you are approaching me for support you are ready to accept that changes need to be made and we will work together to facilitate these. As I work with you as an individual each session that I do will be tailored to your specific needs and wants. These sessions are for you and you alone. I want you to get the most that you can from them.

I like to support individuals using an informal approach but with a professional basis. I focus my support on enabling recovery, instilling hope, empowering you, improving confidence and helping you recognise that you can do this!

Our sessions will enable you to gain the resources and tools to manage your own mental wellbeing now and in the future.