frequently asked questions about
harmonize coaching


What is mental wellness coaching? 

Mental wellness coaching involves us working together to find solutions to enable you to gain a more positive level of mental wellbeing. This could involve reiterating strategies which you have used in the past or it could involve learning new ones. For more information on Harmonize Coaching please see the 'My Service' page.

What can Harmonize Coaching offer me? 

I can offer you support in maintaining positive mental wellbeing. This may sound quite general however the service which I offer will be completely tailored to you, your current situation and what you would like to work on. You may have a specific goal for your mental wellbeing that you would like to achieve or you may not. The key element of my service is collaboration. 

What can't Harmonize Coaching offer me? 

I do not offer treatment, therapy or counselling rather I offer you the opportunity for us to work together to improve your mental wellbeing. I also do not provide diagnoses or support around medication. If you are seeking support around any of these areas please consult your GP. 

What training do you have? 

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology Bsc, a postgraduate degree in the Clinical Aspects of Psychology MSc and have completed various training courses. I have been supporting individuals with their mental health and wellbeing for nearly 5 years. Please see my 'about me' page for further information. 

How many sessions can I expect and how long will they be? 

Sessions can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. In my experience any longer than 1 hour starts to become more challenging to fully engage in and I want you to get the most that you can from our sessions. If however you would like a session longer than 1 hour I am happy to be flexible with this. We can meet from weekly to monthly or even less, again this is dependent on your needs. In regards to how long we will work together, again this is up to you and your individual needs. 

How much will the service cost me? 

I offer an initial 30 minute complimentary consultation. A 45 minute session costs £50. Sessions can be block booked or booked individually however I request that sessions are paid for 1 session in advance.

What does the initial consultation involve? 

It is an opportunity for us to meet face to face and determine whether working together would be beneficial to you. If you decide that you would like to work together we will complete some paperwork and create a rough initial plan of what we are going to be focussing our sessions on. 

What can I expect to do in sessions? 

Your sessions are about us working together to find solutions and any goals will be agreed upon together. There may be times when we agree that it will be helpful for you to complete tasks between sessions. The more you put into our sessions the more you will get back.  

Where will you meet me? 

Our initial consultation will be held in a cafe, community centre etc. local to you. Moving forward sessions can be provided at your home or somewhere else for example in a park (weather permitting!) or café. I want you to get the most out of our sessions so wherever you find most comfortable would be best. If you would prefer I also offer telephone or skype sessions however the initial consultation will still be face to face. 

Is there any reason why Harmonize Coaching would not be suitable for me? 

If you are currently misusing drugs and or alcohol I will not be able to support you, the primary reason being you may struggle to engage in our sessions and take on board elements which we have discussed. If you are currently receiving support for your mental health e.g counselling, therapy etc. this may complicate what you are doing however I can be flexible with this. 

I'm interested, what are the next steps? 

Just give me a call or send me an email.

If you have any questions about Harmonize Coaching that are not answered on this page please do send me an email at: info@harmonizedcoaching.org.uk