went for a wee walk on Thursday..

.. walked from Seafield,  along the promenade back hame to Musselburgh.  Managed to get a couple or so photos.

Started by taking a photo of the first thing I saw after crossing the road,


this is Cockenzie power station, viewed through the fences and trees of Seafield water treatment works, lovely, but at least the wind was in the right direction.


a short while later and on the other side of the road


was the lion of Arthur’s seat, with a lovely industrial scene in the foreground.


soon sort that out,


that’s a wee bit better.

And a few yards down the road a better view,


with no nasty industrial stuff in the foreground, well after I took out the recycling centre.

Just down the road, joined the promenade


with a view of the beach in the foreground and Fife in the background, with the island of Inchkeith to the left of the shot.

at the same spot


North Berwick law in the background and a small rock in the foreground.

but kinda thought there was too much space between the rocks.


So took out some of the offending water, not too much?


And a wider view of the same position,


showing the foreshore from Dirleton on the left to Cockenzie on the right.


Same view


but focusing on the clouds, I like clouds.


and on


Cockenzie power station with Jingling hill and Hopetoun monument on the left


and another


rock and rock


and the same shot


but as a landscape


a short way along the promenade


the start of the fencing, thought this might make a nice shot, with Portobello in the background.

from the Promenade


looking up Pittville Street Lane


and from the west end of the Promenade



looking back to Portobello

Final shot of Portobello



with rocks at Joppa foreshore and a nice sky

And a final shot of Cockenzie power station



again with rocks at Joppa foreshore

At last, Hame


this is a similar shot that I uploaded to Wikipedia and Google used in the Musselburgh page 

and one last photo



of sea and sky, aye, I like sky’s

So its good to get some exercise,  4 and a bit miles, only took a bit over 2 hours, that’s what happens when you carry a camera.

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