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I got my first camera when I was seven. Since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve been a serious photographer for over 30 years. I’m old enough to remember the thrill of seeing a photo appear on a sheet of paper in a darkroom, I’m young enough to appreciate the advantage of new technology, in digital cameras and computer software. I did my first wedding in 1977, things have changed a wee bit since then, fashion and photos have changed significantly. The joy of capturing a special day remains. In 1978 I started to do studio based family portraits, in 1982 I moved to home based social photography. I’ve had experience of car photography for magazines and architectural photography for surveying and architecture.

photos photos photos

I’ve tried to spend most of this year, 2013, taking photos. I’ve not been very successful 🙁

I did manage to buy a new camera, and a couple of new lens, I also bought an old camera, restored an older camera, and got an even older one as a Christmas present, my wonderful bairns.


So my plan for next year is to take more photos.

Should be easy? We’ll see