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I got my first camera when I was seven. Since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve been a serious photographer for over 30 years. I’m old enough to remember the thrill of seeing a photo appear on a sheet of paper in a darkroom, I’m young enough to appreciate the advantage of new technology, in digital cameras and computer software. I did my first wedding in 1977, things have changed a wee bit since then, fashion and photos have changed significantly. The joy of capturing a special day remains. In 1978 I started to do studio based family portraits, in 1982 I moved to home based social photography. I’ve had experience of car photography for magazines and architectural photography for surveying and architecture.

last few months no photos makes david sad

the last few months I’ve been working on some non photography jobs 🙁 now I’m back. OK not none, but not as many as there should be.

As a catch up, starting to get into Google Maps Business View

1 of 4 iconic Musselburgh businesses
1 of 4 iconic Musselburgh businesses

See inside Clark Bros


2 of 4 Iconic Musselburgh businesses
2 of 4 Iconic Musselburgh businesses

See inside S Luca


3 of 4 Iconic Musselburgh businesses
3 of 4 Iconic Musselburgh businesses

see inside Mrs Foreman’s

OK that’s it, almost up to date, just the 4th of 4 to finish off, then get on to more businesses and more photos.

Getting excited again



some sunset photographs, from last year, when the weather was a bit kinder for sunsets.

david-spiers-7714 david-spiers-7736 david-spiers-7751

these were taking looking over the Pentands and Edinburgh, with Arthurs Seat prominent while the city lights twinkle in the evening sky.


Spring, nearly

feels like it’s just around the corner, here’s to hoping. In any case the light was nice, wasn’t warm, but pleasant to walk about, as long as you weren’t hanging about in the shade.

Better weather just around the corner?

All these photo’s were around Musselburgh,  just a short walk today, need to get up to Newhailes in the next wee while.










and playing about with ‘pin it’ button